2005 - 2006 PROGRAM

Sep 15th, 2005 Garth Wedemire, 'Plant Hunting in Nepal'
Oct 20th, 2005 Ned Brockenbrough**, ‘A Hybridizer's Odyssey’
Nov 17th, 2005
Brian Minter** (Owner of Minter Gardens), 'Rhododendron's Best Briends'
Jan 19th, 2006 AGM, Election, Members’ slides
Feb 16th, 2006 Sean Rafferty and Brenda Macdonald, 'VRS Members in Yunnan'
Mar 16th, 2006 Ben Hall, Professor of Biology and Genome Sciences at University of Washington, ‘So many Rhododendron Species: How They Came to Be and How They Have Moved About’
Apr 20th, 2006 Steve Hootman, Co-Director of the Rhododendron Species Botanica Garden, 'Yunnan, Spring 2005'
May 13th, 2006 Show and Sale, Park and Tilford
May 18th, 2006 Walk in the Sino-Himalayan Gardens, Van Dusen, with Gerry Gibbens
Jun 11th, 2006 Potluck supper at the Lamont Garden